Relaxing and therapeutic. Ease tension and enhance circulation.
Great for a first time massage or any spa veteran.

$95 - 55min / $150 - 90min

Deep Tissue

A therapeutic combination of slow and deep pressure alleviates chronic pain,
muscle fatigue,and limited range of motion. Muscle Therapy lotion or creme.

$105 - 55min / $165 - 90min

Tension Tamer

Head, neck and shoulders. Deep Tissue with towels, muscle soothing oils, and cups.

$125 - 55min / $195 - 90min

Hot Stone

Unforgettable. Warm basalt lava stones melt away all stress and tensions
in sore muscles and joints. The ultimate Apr├ęs ski treat.

$180 - 90min


Specific to your athletic needs, whether pro or a weekend warrior.
Relax,stretch and recover.

$105 - 55min / $165 - 90min

The New Yorker

East meets West. Old meets new. A therapeutic blend of cupping,
hot stone,Ayurvedic kansa and Italian Marble rolling.

$190 - 90min



Ultimate treat for Mother-to-be. Soothes aches and pains during pregnancy. Mother

$100 - 55min



For lovebirds or loved ones. Relax and recoup with your favoirte person.
No upcharge based on availability of couples room.


The Windham Spa

16 Mitchell Hollow Road - "Just off Main Street"
Windham, NY 12496

(518) 734-9617