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Whether by choice or by chance taking the path less traveled has always been the course of action for The Windham Spa.


Founded in 2006 by Antonia, The Windham Spa is an ever evolving expression of a void she felt in the spa world. An unpretentious refuge showcasing the best in treatments, products and ingredients from around the world along with the latest advancements in science.


These elements are the foundation of the spas ultimate goal- to deliver a heartfelt experience that is as unique as every person that walks through the door. Without compromise. 

Headshot of Antonia with leaves in front


 With 20 years of experience as a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist, Cosmetologist specializing in Aesthetic Science, and Electrologist Antonia prides herself on providing clients with result-oriented alternatives to conventional skincare and wellness. Her one of kind approach to skincare, and never ending pursuit of higher education has earned her the trust of discerning clients of all ages.  Antonia's love for life and adventure, along with an innate reverence for health and wellness has never been about what’s en vogue but about being true to herself and her practice. This ethos helps her guide her clients to do the same for themselves- be empowered and educated on what is best for THEIR BODY and wellness based on their values.

Whether writing for industry trade magazines, traveling the world, or sustainable farming, Antonia finds inspiration in everyday and faraway places. Her collaborations include The United States Olympic and Paralympic Bobsled and Skeleton teams, historic Kür Baths of Europe, and the New York State Department of Education. This had made her a sought after salty dog of the spa industry all while being under 40. Although her adventures are near and far Antonia is happiest at home on her farm in Windham with her husband, Chris, and their son Cesaré. 

Our Family Farm


Founded in March 2022 by Husband and Wife duo Chris and Antonia, Cloud Forest Farm was born out of necessity, curiosity and a search for the extraordinary. Known as "The Land In the Sky," Windham is Antonia's hometown. Our gentle mountain topography lends itself to cool early mornings spent tending to plants, wading through the clouds that kiss every plant. 

With a penchant for horticulture and Organic living it was only natural we started growing our own hemp in order to bring our spa guests the best products and treatments possible. From sourcing seeds, to growing with regenerative and sustainable farming practices, to producing quality products for use in our treatment rooms, our hemp is tended to with the the utmost love and care.




Roses are red

Hemp is Green

If you're looking for a present our spa is serene.

It is said our services are non-pareil, 

but ultimately you'll have to decide for yourself.

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